Monday, 24 June 2013

First Impression - Real techniques Duo fiber set

Hello everyone,

So today my mum kindly picked me up the new and limited edition Real techniques duo fiber set from Boots, this is quite pricey at £23.00 (I think), I have been looking at these brushes ever since they came out and thought they look interesting and different from the other Real technique brushes.

These brushes are so soft and I love the white shiny handle with the colorful writing, you get three limited edition brushes Duo fiber face brush,Duo fiber contour brush and the Duo fiber eye brush.

These brushes are ultra plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty free.

Real techniques Duo fiber face brush

This brush is so soft and one of the softest brush I have felt in my life, I am looking forward to using this brush for blush, because it's the perfect shape and size for blush, I will be using this for Cream and powder because it will apply the product very natural looking and won't leave any unflattering lines that no one wants.

Real techniques Duo fiber contour brush

This brush is so soft aswell as the face brush, I can't Waite to use this brush for Contouring, because I can never find a brush that is perfect for contouring and will apply the bronzer/contour in the right places without it ending up on your cheeks. I might also try using this brush for Highlighting because it's also the right shape and size for highlighting down the bridge of your nose and especially your cheek bones.

Real techniques Duo fiber eye brush

This brush is the only one I am disappointing with for my first impressions, this is quite dense and there is a problem with that because it makes applying eye shadow hurt and irritate your skin because it is stiff, this would be great for crease work and blending eye shadow. I may end up using this for Concealer or highlighting around the eye e.g Tear duct and under the brow bone.

All together I am very happy with the first impressions  I can't Waite to find different uses for these brushes and to test if the give your a "Pixel perfect look", Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for a review.

Thank you

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