Thursday, 22 August 2013

B2S - Perfect skin for school

Hello everyone,

We all want perfect skin for school, this is the products I have been using to try to perfect my skin. I have oily skin I also have redness, my redness really gives me a complex and trying to find a skin care routine that will help with my oily part was a challenge, but I think I have found the one and only products.

Step one - Cleanse 

Cleansing is so important it removes the dirt and cleanse out the pores, I love the Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser this is amazing, I fell it really cleans my skin so well and makes my skin feel so refreshed and clean because of the ice cleanser part.

Step two - Scrub/Wash

I have combined two steps into one with one product, I have been using the Clean & Clear morning energy shine control daily facial scrub, this is just amazing this keeps my oily skin under control all day and my skin feeling smooth and soft, this is why I use it was a 2 in 1. Because If i was to use a separate scrub and wash I feel it would be to rough and this is perfect.

Step three - Moisturize

After you have taken away the dead skin, you need to put the moisture back into your skin, this is such an important step because moisturizing your skin will smooth your skin to apply makeup and keep it looking smooth aswell. I use the Clean & Clear dual action moistuiser  this is great because it puts all the moisturize back into my skin.

Thank you

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