Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Braces - My experience

Hello everyone,

So yesterday I had an idea to do a blog post talking to you about my braces, I don't have any pictures of before I had braces or while I had braces, but I am going to go into as much detail as I can.

Wednesday 4th January 2012

(I made a diary entry on this day) - FYI ~I had train tracks

I didn't want to have my braces done and I thought it would hurt so much, but I knew I needed them and we got them free under the NHS but I knew if I didn't have them done to get them when I am an adult would cost so much.

I really upset myself they day of getting them fitted, I wouldn't stop crying and I was very scared, but getting them on didn't hurt that much it was more uncomfortable, I went for baby pink bands, the process of getting them on was around 30-40 minutes, they cleaned you teeth, applied some glue, applied the metal parts, put on the wire then the bands.

While getting them on I said to myself there must be more pain then this from what I have heard, and about 30 minutes after getting them on the pain kicked in, I couldn't eat or drink, I said in my diary "Getting them on was fine it's know because it kills so much"

I also said that I didn't want to have my bottom set done, because at the time they where just doing the top set because getting both done together I could end up biting them off accidently because of the way my teeth were.

A few days/weeks later

My teeth were still hurting so bad and taking Paracetamol did not help, everyone who get's braces will go through this pain because their teeth aren't used to them. I could finally eat a bit better a week later.

Getting them tightened 6 weeks later was so uncomfortable they just changed the wire and the bands, I still went for pink, I remember still not being able to eat and at this point I was already sick and tired of them.

A few months later

I had a gap between on tooth it was behind my other teeth, so to make room for that tooth to come forward they had to put a metal spring/coil and I had no problems with it apart from getting it put on was painful but I could eat normally.

But the worst bit was that I kept getting the side of my cheek caught on the spring then it would bleed and I also got my tongue stuck on there as well. One of the worst bits as well was my braces were rubbing on my other teeth, and so was the wire on your last teeth. They give you some wax to put over the bracket but it dose not stay on!

Then my tooth had moved forward enough so I asked for the spring to be moved because it was causing so much pain and they put a bracket on that tooth, this was when I could tell this treatment and pain would be worth it.

At this point in my Brace treatment that my dentist decided that for my to have bottom braces could be a risk, because brushing with braces is so hard, so we decided to leave the bottom brace but anyway you can't see my bottom teeth unless I do a really goofy smile (No chance of that), also my bottom teeth aren't that wonky apart from one tooth that covers a part of another.

Beginning of 2013

At the beginning of the year I could tell my teeth were so straight I was so impressed, but I really wanted my braces off because I went on holiday in August, so my mum and I were thinking that I could stop the treatment and get them taken off because we both felt I finished the treatment.

So a few weeks/months later we decided it was time to get them taken off, so we went in and asked for them to be taken off, my orthodontist said that they could be straighter but it's my decision.

Not the best pic - But my teeth after my braces.
(August 2013)
For some reason I started crying before I got them taken off, I think I felt happy but at the same time sad? But it was again uncomfortable there was a lot of pulling and tugging.

After getting them taken off the had to take a mold of my top set of teeth for my retainer, I had to go back a week after to pick up my retainer. I only have to wear my retainer at night so it's not that bad.

Looking Back - I really think if you have the chance to get braces then go for it, I have my braces for a year and a quarter/Bit. I am so glad that I had them and it was worth every pain.

Hope this helped 

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