Saturday, 7 September 2013

Beauty Haul

Hello everyone,

So i'm sorry I have been away for a small time I started school on Thursday and I have been so tired after school and I have been organising my room for my new bed that comes on Tuesday.

I am so excited and I am so happy because I am getting a few new decor pieces to complete my room, so I've been so busy sorting things out moving and throwing a lot away, so I thought I would do a small haul, and I will be doing little decor pieces.

Herbal essences uplifting volume, volumising 
shampoo & Conditioner 

Rimmel Scandaleyes thick and thin eyeliner pen
17 Smoulder gel eyeliner

Barbara Daly cheek to cheek powder blush - Blossom
Barbara Daly velvet blush - English rose
Barbara Daly long wear eyeshadow - Shell
(Available at Tesco)

Thank you

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