Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Workout Wednesday// At Home Basics

Hello everyone,

Today I have another Workout Wednesday, but today's one is my at home basics. In this post will include all my basic things I need to do a at home workout. This is just an idea it doesn't mean you have to have this either. Also I haven't included trainers etc because they are something you may have, but click out my favouirte trainers and a review here.

The Yoga Mat: Personally I think a yoga mat is so important. This makes working out much comfier and nice. These are very cheap and it just helps you so you aren't slipping every where and it makes it better for your back and hands.

A Gym Towel: I got this one from primark for around £2. When you are working out you may get sweaty and you don't want it going in your eyes. This is why a gym towel is great to wipe away the sweat. 

Hand weights/Dumbbells: I love using my weights, they are just enough for a everyday workout they are 1.5 Kg. Weights are great for adding resistance and strength. They make a basic workout that tiny bit harder but better.

Speaker: Listening to music while working out is essential for me. But when I am at home it's a pain with headphones this is where my speaker is most used. Music to me makes a workout more enjoyable and it keeps me motivated.

Headphones: Headphones are great aswell for music, I prefer headphones when at the gym. Also headphones may be better if you are doing more things like rowing machines etc. 

Yoga Pants: Clothing is a personal preference when working out. But I love a good pair of yoga pants or leggings. These are from Victorias Secret, they were pricey but I love them so much and wear them all the time, they are very comfy and are thick enough without being too hot, these aren't see through aswell (Yayy!)

Facial Spray: This is again a personal preference, I love use face sprays all the time. They keep me awake and makes me feel much more hydrated and they are generally amazing for hot environments to cool you down.

What are your at home basics you need for a workout? Comment below


  1. Love the photography for this post

    1. Aww Thank you so much! Wanted to try a new angle, something a bit different xxx