Saturday, 24 December 2016

18 Things I've Learnt in 18 Years

As this post goes up it will be my 18th birthday! A lot of people do these types of posts when they reach a milestone birthday! Hence why I am going to share with you 18 things i've learnt in my whole 18 years of life!

1. Nothing comes easy - You have to work your backside off to get where you want to be.

2. You'll realise who your true friends are - Over time I have realised just who my true friends are, and they are all by my side 24/7; whenever I need them.

3. We are all different - Something I have learnt which has taken a while to process, but after 18 years I can say openly admit I am different to the people next to me, and that's okay!

4. Take nothing for granted - I care for everyone and everything around me, because you just never want to take anyone especially for granted.

5. Do what makes me happy - If I am not happy, I am not going to settle because it's easier! 

6. Change is good - Take this from someone that hated change, it's the best thing that can happen; it's like a clean state!

7. I am so impatient - This is something I have always known, however the older I've got, the worse it's got!

8. I am not afraid of hard work - I have to give it to myself, I am a hard woking person and I am not afraid of having to work hard.

8. It's okay to be alone - Just because I don't have someone with me all the time is okay, stressing over boys is not worth any more of my time!

9. Freedom is great - Since driving the freedom has been amazing! I miss not driving on them odd days!

10. Say yes! - I have got a lot better at this, saying yes to more things can open up so many doors for me!

11. Asking for help isn't a bad thing - I always thought asking for help shows weakness, but it shows the complete opposite!

12. Live in the moment - ❤ ❤ 

13. The number of likes you get doesn't matter - Looking back the amount of likes you get on a photo really mattered, over time I have learnt it really doesn't!

14. Take chances - Sometimes you've got to say f**k it and go for it!

15. Be true to yourself - Never pretend to be someone else, or someone your not just to fit in or to impress someone; be true to who you really are!

16. Have goals and ambitions - I have always been the dreamer, I will carry on having goals and ambitions for as long as I can achieve them for.

17. Positivity - Always try and stay positive, find the light at the end of the tunnel

18. Live well, laugh often, love much - My favourite quote but something I have learnt a lot throughout my 18 years.

Shelby x


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