Saturday, 12 July 2014

Let's Travel// Packing Tips & Haul

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another let's travel post, today I am going to be talking about my packing tips, these are a few things I have picked up along the way. Also I brought a few things today and I want to share them with you.

A few things I brought//

Both necklaces are from next left one was £12 and the one of the right was £18.

I then went to Topshop and brought this crochet top which was £25. Then another pair of Joni Jeans which were £38, you can have the bottoms rolled or not.

My Packing tips//

1. My first tip is to roll your clothes. I find this so much easier especially at the bottom of your suitcase to level everything out. Also by you folding clothes this means they don't get creased and your have more room.

Source - Link
2. When I pack necklaces, it's hell taking them out. But now what I do is thread my necklaces through a straw, then put them in a separate pouch. This means they won't get tangled/broken. 

3. I have my mum to thank for this tip, and this is great for not forgetting anything. What we do is a list, but we do it in order of how we get dresses for example, when we get in the back we need ... and so on. 
4. This is something I love to do when I am packing, smaller clothing items like socks, knickers, bikini bottoms etc. What I do is put my smaller things into my shoes, this really helps because you are saving space. Also if I have a hat in my suitcase I stuff it with anything small to keep it's shape then place it in my case.

5. This may be a obvious tip to some. But when you are packing your toiletries try, try and get products that stay shut, or place them into a wash bag or even a plastic bag/ zip lock bag. This is to make sure nothing spills anywhere. Or if you have some products that open randomly or you just want to be safe, then tape your products just in case.

6. We all have them tops, skirts etc, that have sequins/glitter or some sort of extra detail that we would never want to get ruined. Well the best think is for this is to turn that item inside out just so nothing falls off or gets onto something else.

7. My next tip is something very basic. But if you are taking older shoes with you, then I reccomend that you either put them in a bag or wrap them inside a towel. Also you could put your flip flops or sandals on the side of your case with the sole against the case, or you could put them in that separate compartment on the other side of your case.

8. This tip depends on the person. If you are coming home and packing your case, I tend to leave some of my toiletries at the hotel so it means it's less weight and space bringing back with you. Obviously this depends as I said on what the products is and whether you want to bring it back with you or not.

9. I have another basic tip, and this is for your delicate items like perfumes or anything you don't want to break, but take up too much room in a bag or example. What I like to do is pack it right in the middle of my case surrounded by clothes, or I pack it in my towel. This means nothing will get broken and it will have some 'pillow' for protection.

10. My final tip is again something basic and this is to pack your toiletries as small as possible. When I am travelling I try and only have a maximum of 5 full size items, the rest I can get minis for I can pour it into a travel size bottle. This saves so much room and it makes your bag so much lighter.

Finally I am going to talk about some blogs/videos or anything I have found useful about travelling/packing.

- Packing check list for your hand luggage and your suitcase. Link (This is by Kaly Nicholson)

- Viviannadoesmakeup (Makeup organisation Link) (Holiday beauty packing Link) (Beauty packing check list Link) (Festival beauty packing Link) (The City Break Beauty packing Link) (The Beach beauty packing Link) The Outdoors beauty packing Link)

- Sonia's Travels youtube channel. This is one of the best travelling channels I have watched, the are so informative and everything you want to know is on their. Link

- For a bit of Luxury travelling - Link

- The most informative - Link

I think that is everything! Do you have any tips I missed out or some amazing travelling channels/blogs? Comment below


  1. Great post, I love the idea of putting necklaces in straws!

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed doing this one. Same such a good idea! I hope your liking my 'Let's Travel' series as much as I love doing them xx