Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beauty That Can Change Your Life! #1

Hello everyone,

I have a few beauty/makeup products I want to show you today, these are some of my recommends that can change your life. This is going to be a first of very many, because I have a lot of holy grail items.

To start things off with I highly reccomend the Benefit Rockateur Blush, this is a rose gold toned blush. This has no shimmer but it's a shiny and glowing blush. The reason why I talk so much about it is because it instantly brightens up your complexion. You can build this up to be very sheer or quite heavy. This is £23.50.

I found this next product out when I was flying to Turkey last year. This is the Urban Decay De-Slick makeup setting spray. I brought the travel size on the plane. It was around £10. This is amazing, I can't rave enough about this. This keeps your makeup on for such a long time. I reccomend this if you have oily skin because it keeps you matter than if you weren't wearing this. This makes your makeup look flawless and I can call this a holy grail product. This is £9.

My next product is a brush, this is the Eco-Tools Tapered blush brush. Their is something about this brush that makes your blush look flawless. It apply's blush so effortless, I prefer this for powder blush because of the shape, and it doesn't apply cream and blend the best compared to a powder blush. This brush is very soft, I have washed this numerous times and looses no bristles and is still very soft. This is £7.99.

The next product I have to show is the Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge, I have had my eye on the Beauty Blender but as soon as I heard Real Techniques brought out their version, I had to get it. I love this so much, it makes foundation blending so easy. I love this for concealer and cream blush aswell. This is amazing when you dampen it, this makes your foundation apply flawlessly. I love it so much I have a spare, This is £5.99.

My next one is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. This is just a very pigmented eyeliner. You can use this multiple ways as a eyeliner or as a base. This is the perfect base for bright eye shadows. But I love this for a highlighter on the Brow bone and tear duct/inner corners. I think this is such an essential for everyone, it instantly brightens up your eyes and is great for the early mornings, This is £5.

My last product kind of ties in with the Jumbo Eye Pencil. I simply use this for blending and applying the eye pencil. This is the Real Techniques accent brush, I never really knew what to use and what to use this with. But it works so well with apply a highlight under the brow bone and in the inner corners. I also love this for apply eye shadow on the lower lash line, this works great with cream and powder products. The only thing is you have to buy this brush in a set of four other brushes, which I love this set and it's great for beginners and everyone else, it contains all your essential eye brushes. (The set is the Starter kit brush set) This is £20.99

Have your tried any of these? What are your holy grail products? Comment below


  1. Great post as per usual! I had the eco tools brush as well but somehow managed to loose it at dance :/ sucks!

    1. Aww Thank you. How annoying, it's so good I can't go a day without it! xx