Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Workout Wednesday// Puma Suede Review

Hello everyone,

I have been meaning to do this blog post for a while now, and it's going to be a review on the Puma Suede trainers. I got these from Next online for £58, they are the real thing. The only reason why I got them from next because they only had my size and every where else didn't. 

The link for where I got them from// Click here

How they came packaged//

I didn't get a picture of how they came packaged but it was very Eco friendly. They came in a puma box but it came aswell in a pouch or dust cover. I think this was more beneficial, because of it coming with a pouch instead of a box where the lid flaps open. This was a very good idea and because of that I rate it a 10/10.


Online they look like a light baby blue, but as you can tell by the picture above, they are more of a blue but heading towards the navy colour scale. I love the colour anyways and I also love the white with it. I think it's a very good colour scale and for this I give them a 7/10. The reason why is because the colour online was very different.


This is where the Puma Suede let them selves down. They start of very very comfortable but when you are doing jumping, for example your feet fall a bit to the right and it kind of pinches you little toe.  Because of this I rate the comfort a 4/10


I got these trainers for the gym and for exercising. I would not reccomend these is you are going to the gym. They support of your ankles isn't very good. I would only reccomend these for doing exercises at home. Also these are good for a fashion piece, I love them with leggings and just going places quickly. For this I rate these a 4/10.

Overall rating//

Overall I would not reccomend these for gym use, I use them for sport but we just doing rounders. For the gym they are not very good. I am fairly dissapointed because of the comfort. But if your looking for more of a fashion shoe/trainer then I would reccomend these to you! I overall rate these a five and a half out of ten. 

I hope this helped! Have you tried Puma Suede before? Comment below

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