Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Room Decor// Haul

Hello everyone,

I am starting a new series, I can't tell you how frequent they are going to be but it is all about room decor, and just kind of home wear. I have a few things I want to show you about my room.

I brought these two matching boxes from Next, they have a bigger one saying Perfumes on the side and a smaller one saying Scents. In the bigger one I put my frequently used and expensive perfumes in. And in the Scents one I put my body sprays in like my Body Shop, Victoria Secret and Holister sprays in.

These are £35 for both// click here



Also from Next, I brought these Wicker baskets they cam in a set of 3, one large and 2 medium they are half the size of the big one. In the big one I have put my body and hair things I use regularly. 

Set of 3 £20// Click here

Lush Collection and Storage

I have shown you this massive glass jar before in a haul, but in the back I have put the loosen products in the medium size box. I love this it makes it look so tidy and clean.

Glass jar// Click here


The last thing I brought was this bin, it matches the Perfume and Scents boxes. I love this pattern and it goes so well with the theme of my room "Vintage Parisian", This bin is honestly stunning. I love it 

Bin £25// Click here

I hope you enjoyed this, What do you think? Also comment below if you want me to do more of these decor posts!

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