Monday, 15 December 2014

Winter skin care routine

Hello everyone,

When it comes to winter then things that changes the most for me personally is my skin, this means a winter skin care routine has to be put in place to ensure my skin stays healthy and hydrated, here's what it consists of...

My winter skin care routine -

Starting for the beginning, I start off with a cleanser to remove my makeup; I like to use a moisturising and hydrating one. The Lush Ultrabland facial cleanser is the best for ticking all theses boxes. It removes my makeup then I follow with a hot cloth to remove it, it doesn't leave my skin feel stripped just nice and moisturised.(Link)

After cleansing my face a moisturiser is needed, I have two my first one being the Ren Daily supplement moisturising cream. This is great for under my makeup because it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a shiny film over my skin, this lets makeup sit really nicely over it as well. But at night if my skin is feeling quite tight and dry, I head straight for the Simple hydrating light moisturiser, this is perfect for dry skin I even use this just on dry areas.(Link)

As well as keeping your face hydrated your eye can dry out just as much, an eye cream is seen to be for the older generating; preventing fine lines and wrinkles. But I use one for moisture during the colder months. This is a travel size of Benefit It's Potent eye cream, this is lovely and thick for the evening to moisturise your eyes, this is very gentle and an amazing product, this lasts for ever because you only need a little bit.(Link)

We all know that around Christmas we eat a lot of rubbish especially when the quality street's open. This means we can be more prone to blemishes and spots, but as you know my favourite product for this is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, this is a holy grail item to reduce redness, swelling and size for any spot. This again lasts for a long time and is a saving grace!(Link)

Lastly onto lips, they can get very dry which can lead to feeling chapped, red and dry lips but my favourite lip balm which in't Palmers, is the Balmi Lip balm. This is a EOS Lip balm dupe but 100 times more moisutirsing. (Link)

What does your winter skin care routine consist of? Comment below

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