Saturday, 11 July 2015

Florida and Miami

Hello everyone,

I am counting down the hours util I jet off to America! I am getting very excited now, I am all packed and getting very impatient now... But I thought I would do a blog post for you to quickly tell you that I am taking my laptop with me for entertainment purposes on the plane, because I have looked and the films don't seem to be that good. So the point of my telling you about my laptop is that I can update you all on my blog, I really want to make the most of my trip to America and I want to cherish everything second, this is why I am hoping to do at least a few blogs posts with some photos of my trip.

I am so excited for everything especially the weather, and the beaches. To wake up to beautiful picturesc scenery, but we can't forget the shopping, especially Sephora (insert heart eye emojis)!

The last time I went to Florida I was 2 years old coming up to my third birthday, apparently I get told all about my first holiday to Flordia, and apparently I hated the fireworks at Disney world to the point where I was crying the whole way through them! But this time I will be old enough to remember as well as to appreciate everything Florida has to offer.

Then we're having a week in Miami! I have never been to Miami before and I am very excited, I love watching the CSI: Miami and I remember watching and being mesmerised by the sights, but to actually be their is so exciting! I can't wait to experience the well known Miami beaches for myself, and our hotel is also on the beach so waking up to them views every morning is beyond me!

I hope to speak to you very soon... hopefully in America! Follow my on my social networking (under my signature) to keep up to date with what I am doing.

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