Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Truth About Working!

Hello everyone,

As you may know I now have a job, I thought to myself that I am going to tell you all the truth about having a job! I have now been working for nearly a month, and think I can have a few things to talk about regarding this subject!

If you didn't know I work at a local soft play area which is for kids, I emailed the company my CV as I know a few friends that work there, then I asked to come along to a interview and then I had my training then got offered the job. I really like the place I am working at because everyday seems to be different, but these are the truths about working:

1. It is not easy! - Working with kids means that your constantly on alert because something can very quickly go wrong with young kids, so your constantly on the look out. Working hasn't been easy and a breeze, it's been stressful at times and difficult but no one said it would be worth it anyway.

2. You meet new people - One of the best things about working is being able to meet new people, already I have made so many friends that are my age and older. Meeting new people is the best thing about working, as we can easily mix with people older than you which can sometimes be harder during every day life, but at work you are 'forced' to mix with people older than you! I have made so many more friends, and we speak on a daily basis so it's lovely to build that friendship with everyone.

3. It's hard managing everything - I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard managing everything at once, but it has to be done either way! My assignments do come first but I am strict with myself and try to get it done before I have work, it's about managing your time efficiently, prioritising all the tasks and being strict with yourself.

4. You won't take your time off for granted! - Now I am working more or less every weekend, I now don't take my time off for granted as I never realised how much I need the time off to recuperate and relax.

5. It's very rewarding - Especially working in general knowing that your earning your own money is the nicest feeling, because you feel as it if you have actual earned it instead of just being given it. On the other hand working with kids is rewarding, especially when they get so excited over the little things, it puts a smile on your face. They may scream and shout every time, but the little conversations you have with them as well can make you leave work with a massive smile.

6. Baths are your best friend! - When I leave work I end up leaving with the worst back aches and head aches now and again, so coming home and having a hot bath with a lush bath bomb, it absolute bliss! It's sometimes the only time you actually get to yourself!

7. You become more social - You would never think that working every weekend would make you become more social, but when you finish work you find yourself making impromptu plans with your 'colleges/friends'. Once your working you seem to have a much larger friend group, for example when we're going bowling instead of a few of us their is about 10+ people! It's great being able to mix with everyone and to spend time with new people.

That is all the truths I can think of for now, what are your truths about working?

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