Sunday, 10 April 2016

People who inspire me

Hello everyone,

So I have been thinking about this post for a while, and I am going to share with you my inspirations and who/what inspires me. Inspirational people are different to everyone, but these are just some people who inspire me, this is a light hearted post but an interesting one.

#1 - My mum 

I have to say that my mum is my biggest inspiration ever, she is just an amazing person. She has been through a lot, and has experienced some horrible things but she always reminds positive. She always calls her self a realist why I call myself a dreamer, she will always give you her honest answer and tell you straight how it is. She inspires me the most when it comes to daily life, and my aspirations in life as she always pushes me to do my best. She inspires me to want to be happy in the future.

#2 - Victoria Magrath (In The Frow)

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from In the Frow
Victoria is another inspiration of mine, she is a young fashion blogger but their is so much more to her then just her blog and her youtube channel! You may not think it but she has a Phd in Fashion Marketing from the University of Manchester, meaning that she has a doctorate. I love that she decided to carry on her further education, and this is a inspiration on it's own. But she inspires me to travel and visit new places, she's a constant jet setter flying to different places across the globe, which makes me want to travel when i'm older. She is also my blogging inspiration and fashion inspiration, her posts are just so detailed and perfect and she's just my inspiration for my future to be 

#3 - My nan 

One of my last but certainly not least of my inspirations is my nan, she has been through so much and it just inspires me how she just carries on going, lately she's been through some really tough times but she's always coming out the other end smiling and cracking a joke. She has always worked hard especially at a young age as well, when she was younger she had multiple jobs going all at once just you provide food and a home for her children, she inspires me to work hard in what ever I do. She always is telling me how proud she is of me, and she inspires me to be successful and happy in the future, she inspires me and makes me want to carry on my education to degree level, and maybe end up with more than just an undergraduate degree. 

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