Sunday, 12 May 2013

Latest buys

Hello everyone,

So there are some new things I have brought through out the last couple of months and I thought I would share them with you, and I am going to Turkey (1st August) and I have been buying a few things so I will show you in blog post instead of showing you in one whole blog post of what I am taking clothes wise.


So yesterday I was just browsing the makeup section in Asda and I came across Maybelline the mega plush volum' express mascara, and I remembered that Missglamorazzi loved this mascara and it is finally in the UK and it is £6 in Asda at the moment and usually about £7.

I have featured this in a blog post already and I really want to find that perfect eyebrow product, I hate using pencil because they look fake, so I can across this eyebrow kit from MUA and it was £3.50, I have to mix the ashy brown with the light brown because the dark brown is such a weird colour, but it isn't the best and I really want the anastasia brow powder.

Finally I got a Chanel lipstick, I have wanted one of these for ages and ages and I knew that one day I would get one, I got this bank holiday Monday and I done my reaserch and decided to get the Rouge coco shine in 70 Sourire, and it is a perfect nude/baby pink and amazing for everyday.


The most amazing thing I have ever brought is this Lipsy Play suite  It is strapless with a cream top and black bottoms with a pocket  but on the top it has this amazing jem details and is stunning, and is so girly/feminine.

Then in Primark I saw this dress and it looked stunning, and it is this skater skirt dress but on the back it has kriss cross details and it so pretty, they had this in navy blue aswell, the only this is that it is tight under the arms and the skirt fits a tad bit weird but I will make it work and it was only £10!

I was in Tesco with my mum and we was looking at the clothing/summer section and we found this top and we both thought it would be perfect for on holiday by the pool or with the shorts I am going to show next, this would got perfect over a bikini top because it is kind of see through and it has aztec print on it, and was only about £8.

(Argg these pictures wouldn't fit together if they were the same size)

I had these same shorts last year for my holiday and they are from Primark and they are so comfy and such a soft material, they are £10 and they are so different they are a kind of mint green, with pink flamingos with palm tress and things on them, they would go perfect with the white top.

The I went into Republic and saw this Bandeau and it is so me and is stunning, it is the milky/baby pink bandeau with white polka dots on and is so so nice and it has some detail in the middle and it was £8 reduced down to £6.50 because republic have gone into administration :(

Thank you

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