Wednesday, 21 August 2013

B2S - School suplies haul

Hello everyone,

So everyone knows that the school summer holidays is closing to an end, even though we don't want to admit it but, school supplies make you feel 100% better about it.

Pencil case - Pencil cases are such a essential  you want to stay organized and this keeps all your stylish pens and pencils in all one place, mine is from Asda and is hot pink foe leather.

Notebooks - Note books are amazing because number 1 they look cute and you can get amazing designs, number 2 they help you stay organised, I love mine is a very colour and stylish print from Asda for £1.

Diary's - My school give us our own Diary's but I love to keep one for my personal life, for my blog and just to write in for general use.

Pencils - These are some Bic pencils but they have hello kitty on, they are so cute and I love HB pencils for drawing.

Posts it's/Page tabs - In Asda they have such a good deal for a whole page full of Post it notes and page tabs for one £1, it's such a good deal and they are great, the page tabs are amazing for studying and in class.

This picture is full of randoms, but at the same time they are essential for school, I have pencils, I have felt tips this are the Stabilo ones and they are amazing for writing with, I love the Stabilo highlighters aswell, I love the Bic medium pens they are the best to write with.

For maths its essiential for us to have a Mathematic set, I also have the basics like tip x, a rubber, ruler and paper clips. I also love these sharpners but on the outside it's a rubber it's amazing.

I hope this help, if there is any Back to school requests then leave a comment.

Thank you

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