Saturday, 17 August 2013

Top Mascara picks

Hello everyone,

(L) Maybelline mega plush (M) Benefit they're
real (R) Maybelline the rocket
So I love trying out Mascara's and I think I have tried out a fare few amount, and I have narrowed it down to three, there are two drugstore and one high end. This was pretty easy for me because they are three Mascaras's I use most often.

I love trying out new Mascara's because I think they change a makeup look instantly and makeup you 100% more wide awake. 

One of my tips for applying/using mascara is...

CURL your eyelashes, people don't realize how much this help you mascara, and this will help with a curl to your lashes. Just try it out and see what you think, also primark do a great eye lash curler.

1. Maybelline the mega plush (£7.99)

This mascara is great for those Natural days, this is the most natural mascara I have tried, this give you a lot of length, this mascara is not clumpy and this makes my eye lashes to natural and long. Also I love this because the brush it's great for length and gives you a bit of volume because the wand gets in all the small places. This works even better with curled lashes because it looks as if you lashes are fake, this separates your lashes really well.

2. Benefit they're real (£19.50)

This mascara is so pricey, but is it worth it? YES! this gives your lashes lot of curl and length this is great for trying to achieve those fake lashes look, this mascara separates so well and gives length as long and the M25, this mascara makes your lashes look just like eye lash extensions. This is the only mascara I feel I can forget to curl my lashes and it will still give curl and look amazin.

3. Maybelline the rocket (£7.99)

Everyone was going on about this mascara as soon as it hit the drugstores, I hated this the first time I tried this, Because I was looking for length and wanted fluttery the fake lashes look. But I came to the conclusion this is great layered and this is amazing for Volum' this don't lengthen that well but gives an amazing curl.

So what are your favourite mascaras? 


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