Friday, 16 August 2013

Products I regret buying #1

Hello everyone,

So I have always found these boring for some reason, I think it's because its negative beauty products, but I am going to share a few drugstore products I regret buying.

I have quite a lot of products I regret buying so I will try and do more of these in the future but they all seem to be either Blushers, Lip balms/glosses and mascaras.

ELF conditioning lip balm SPF 15 (Peaceful pink) -

I hate this, there was so much hype about these lip balms, so I brought one and I hate it, this feels like play makeup it's so gloopy and it looks like a broken lipstick mess on your lips, I also hate the packaging how did ELF expect anyone to carry this in their makeup bag!

Nivea lip butter (Vanilla & Macadamia) - 

There was so much hype over these lip balms, so I had to get one they were went to be so moisturizing, well I didn't find they were I thought they felt heavy on my lips, they felt glossy and they didn't do anything, these would be alright if you like glossy lip balms instead of moisturizing ones.

Loreal caresse lipstick (01 Fashonista pink) -

Again there were quite a few people hyping these up, I couldn't really find a colour so I picked a pink, I love the colour in the tube and I love the packaging, but these colour doesn't even show up it looks clear and shimmery. I think it's this colour that's not very good instead of the lipstick it's self.

MUA blusher (Shade 1) -

This was probably my first blusher I ever got, it's only £1 so i'm not dissapointed, but the colour look so nice, but the blusher it's self it every powdery not very pigmented but you go to build it up but the blusher goes away because it's too powdery.

Revlon Baby stick (Tahitian) -

I picked this up on a whim because 3 for 2 at boots so I just picked it up, this isn't very pigmented for the cheeks, it looks like a cheer gloss on youe cheeks because you can't see a colour this also doesn't look right on the lips either, it looks like a balm rather then a gloss type products. I hate this on the cheeks because it stick to your tiny fine hairs on your face (Not a good look).

Thank you

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