Thursday, 21 November 2013

Let's talk - Update

Hello everyone,

I thought I would do a random update sort of blog post for you today, because I had no school because we had a 15 min appointment with out form tutors for an update on our levels.

But I also have something very exciting that is coming in the post tomorrow, and if you follow me on Instagram you may already know about this... I am getting the Gold Iphone 5S, I am upgrading because my phone has broken. I am going to have my mum's upgrade. 

My phone won't play any music because I am connected to a "Dock connector" but I can't play any Music and Videos while I am connected to Wifi. But saying that yesterday while I was on the bus it wouldn't let me listen to music even with 3G.

I was thinking yesterday about who I would like to see live in concert randomly and the two people who came in my mind where Mumford and Sons and Avicci. I love these artists so much their music is amazing and hands down some of the best artists out there in my opinion.

Back on the subject of phones, I will need a case to protect it, but I don't know which I have seen two pricey cases from Uncommon and cheap ones from Amazon. If you have seen any cases lately for a 5/5S then comment below of mention me onto the picture via Twitter or Instagram.

Twitter - @shelby241219981
Instagram - @shelbyobrien1x

Thank you

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