Friday, 15 January 2016

Managing Assignments

Hello everyone,

I am really enjoying blogging on days when I have a break, hence why you have an extra blog post today about dealing with assignments and school/college work in general. Since making the move to college, I have had a lot more work to deal with, which all have different due dates and criteria's, this is why I wanted to give you the ins and outs of doing assignments!

Staying on top of your work - 

When you get given multiple assignments in a week for different teachers, and different topics it can get very stressful and confusing. This is why staying on top of your work is essential, you won't be able to complete them if your not organising and prioritising your time. 

My assignments get given out during the lessons but we can also check online to see the assignment briefs, due dates and the areas to upload. If you have a system like this I would recommend checking this every day, to see if anything has changed. The same if you have your work written down, I would check this everyday so you can keep on top of all the work you have to do.

Staying organised - 

Staying organised if the only way your going to get all your work done, some people prefer remembering all their work (which I wouldn't recommend), but some use a diary and some use online calendars and resources. I am a fan of using online systems considering I upload my work online etc, I have found an app which is a life savour it's called The Homework app (link), this app allows you have have your due dates, timetables and calendars all in one place! This is a free app which gives you notifications before the due date, but you can also categorise your subjects by colour or by teachers! A very visual app which is perfect for assignments and keeping organised.

Prioritising - 

Prioritising your work is something you have to do every time, I prioritise my work by due dates, it would be stupid to start a piece of work that is due in in two weeks instead of starting something that is due in in three days. This is what you have to say to yourself overtime your doing some work, this allows you to complete everything within the time period, to a good standard and you passing hopefully. 

Asking for help -

Some assignments I do can be really hard such as a Law assignments I have due for Sunday, but you shouldn't struggle with this in silence don't be afraid to ask for help. My friends and I always help each other but having someone struggle is the worst, but mainly ask your teacher as they can tell you what they are expecting content and layout wise. Also don't rely on getting all the answers from another source, go and look through some text books or online! A really good online recourse is The Student Room, this is a great place for students to help each other. 

Communicating -

When your doing group work for example you need to communicate with other team members, I think the best way for doing this is through Whats app, you can create a group chat so you can all communicate what each person is doing etc, this is a life savour when doing group work as it keeps everyone organised. As a class we also have a whole group chat, this helps is someone has a question about the assignments because it allows everyone to help each other. 

Do you have any different tips for managing assignments?

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