Friday, 11 April 2014

Let's Talk// Vaseline

Hello everyone,

I said in my last post that I was going to do a Let's Talk about Vaseline! Because it is so much more than a lip balm. I am going to talk about so many of it's uses. I am not sponsored to talk about this. I hope you find something new to use your Vaseline for. (I am using the original one)

Uses for Vaseline Original!

Dry Skin// Just apply some of this onto your cracked skin and this is provide smoothness and moisture. I.e cracked elbows.

Nail Polishes// Trying to open a new bottle! Put some Vaseline under the cap of the polish and this will loosen it every time.

Lipstick on our teeth// Put a little bit of Vaseline on your teeth, and when applying lipstick it will keep them pearly white!

Streaks while fake tanning// It's coming into summer and we will be getting our legs out more frequently, and we don't want to look like a ghost. Put some Vaseline behind your ankles, knees and hands to stop a streaky tan.

Want longer eyelashes?// At night apply a little Vaseline to your eyelashes to make them longer. 

Perfume scent// Dab a little Vaseline to your wrists and neck, them apply your perfume this helps your perfume's staying power last much longer. 

Split ends?// This is great in between each trim, get only a little Vaseline between your fingers and apply to end! Not too much

Scuffed shoes!// Get some Vasline onto your scuffed boots or heels, to make them looks perfect.

Embarrassing hair dye stains!// The worst thing coming out of the hair dressers with dye over your forehead. To prevent this softly apply some Vaseline to your hairline. 

Dry skin after shaving// After shaving apply some Vaseline to smooth the skin's surface and to moisturize.

DIY Exfoliant// Add some sea salt to the Vaseline, for a easy and effective exfoliator.

Earrings// How annoying when you can't put your earrings in! Put a tiny amount of Vaseline to the end and they should slide right in.

Tweezing made easier// Rub a little Vaseline to the area to soften your skin.

Leftover eyelash glue// Apply a bit of Vaseline and your eyelash glue should come straight off with some cotton pads.

Cream eye shadow and blush// Turn your Eye shadow and Blush into creams with some Vaseline/

Cuticle oil// Dab some Vaseline onto your cuticles to stop them being dry.

Lip Balm and Lip Gloss// Use Vaseline for a effective balm and gloss.

Eye makeup remover// Use some cotton buds dipped into Vaseline and wipe away the eye makeup.

Glistening eye shadow// Apply some Vaseline under eye shadow to make it shine.

Taming your eyebrows// Apply some Vaseline to your Brows to tame them, brush some of the product out with a eyebrow comb or even a toothbrush (clean).

Glossy eyelashes// Define your eyelashes with some Vaseline rubbed into them.

Soft feet// Apply a layer of Vaseline to your feet, then some socks. 

New Tattoo// Apply a coat of Vaseline to tattoos, this helps them heal and protect them.

Cream blush// Apply some Vaseline with you Lipstick for a glossy and cream blush.

Makeup remover// Put some Vaseline onto your makeup to break down the particles, them wash your face with some warm water to remove.

Eczema and Rashes// Use Vaseline on eczema and rashes to prevent itchiness and this provides moisture.

Taking a ring off// When you can't get a ring off try not to use butter, use Vaseline and massage near the ring, this makes it slide right off. Also don't panic because otherwise your hands start to swell. (Thanks Pandora for that tip).

Scalp treatment// Apply some Vaseline onto your scalp for around 30 mins as a leave in treatment, then use Shampoo and Conditioner.

Uneven tan// Apply a small amount on dry spots on your body before fake tanning lotions are applied, and prevent uneven tanning!

Flights// Apply a generous amount of Vaseline, to prevent dryness when flying.

DIY Lips Scrub// Mix some Vaseline with Sugar to create your own at home Lip Scrub. The apply some Vaseline on it's own for a Lip treatment. 

Have I missed anything? Comment below.

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