Sunday, 13 April 2014

Let's Talk// Wallpaper & Random

Hello everyone,

I didn't do a blog post yesterday because I was very busy. But anyways I didn't know what to do today so I though doing a update and random would be perfect.

Yesterday I was very busy because I was stripping my wallpaper. I wanted to change me colour because it was black, hot pink and a silver/grey on the wallpaper. It made my room look very small and dark. But we deiced it was time for a change, we stripped the walls yesterday. And we was going to paper it today, but instead we done it yesterday.

If you are wondering my wallpaper is from, my wallpaper is called The Victorian Bottles Wallpaper, it's £18 per roll. I am obsessed it looks quite dark on the picture but trust me it's perfect. I have never been in love with a wallpaper this much before. It makes my room look so much bigger and brighter.

The link// Click here

I was thinking and I really would love to do a non beauty favourites, I do more beauty and fashion posts. I would love to do more lifestyle and random videos. Aswell as that I would love to talk more about random things I love.

Also if you want me to do more posts on a specific topic anything else. Please comment below and I will be very happy to do them for you!

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