Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Workout Wednesday// Workout Tag

Hello everyone,

I have now finished all my GCSE Spanish exams, I had my last two today and that is it now. I am so happy all the exams are over they were so stressful. But today I have made my own workout, their isn't one out there I don't think and I would love to see your answers, this is why I tag everyone and anyone! 

1. What is your favourite workout motto or quote?

I have a few favourites, my first one is ' Good things come to those who work', I also love 'Train insane or remain the same'. But the one that keeps me going is 'No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch'.

2. What are your three favourite stretches?

This is a hard one to explain, but I do yoga stretches they are the best and easier for you to understand. My first one is the 'Balancing the cat', 'Half Locust' and 'The Sphinx'. If you are wondering I love the pocked yoga app, this is £1.99 but has lots of different yoga poses and stretches, for beginner to expert, with different category's and subcategory's.  

3. How many times a week do you workout/ do exercise?

I try and do everyday or every other day. I am going to be doing a routine soon but I need it get it spot on and perfect.

4. What do you do for a workout/exercise?

I sometimes go to the gym, but I prefer to do classes/cardio. I do a class at school like a get fit for summer. This is great because it feels more beneficial for you.

5. What are your favourite sports, and do you play any/ are you on a team?

I used to hate sport, but now I love it. My favourite sports are Tennis, Cricket, Rounder, Swimming, Netball and Badminton. I do play them in sports but i'm not in a team. At school I think we do a rounders team/club which I may do.

6. What is your favourite brands of sports wear?

Hands down Nike and Victoria Secret. They do some amazing pieces and they are cute. But if you are on a budget I would reccomend the Primark workout clothes, they do some key pieces for such an affordable price.

7. What is on your workout playlist?

This is very easy for me:

1. Changes - Faul & Wad, Pnau
2. Nobodo to love - Sigma
3. Waves - Mr Probz
4. Fancy - Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX
5. Touch - Shift K3Y
6. I got u - Duke Dumont ft Jax Jones 

8. What is your got to breakfast and snack?

For breakfast it's Greek Yogurt with fruit, granola and lot of yummy good things, I will do a healthy food ideas soon. And my favouirte snack would be a satsuma.

9. What are your three favouirte workout exercises to do?

At the Gym I would say the rowing machine, treadmill and a exercise bike. But for at home I love Planks, Squats and Mountain Climbers, also doing these with weights where possible. 

10. Why do you workout?

I workout to get toned, I don't do it to loose weight because I am not worried about my weight, I am happy the size I am and confident which is the most important. 

11. Do you think having a healthy diet/ eating healthy if important?

Very! If you are trying to loose weight, you need to cut down on your food intake rather than sweating at the gym. Eating right is very important as long as you have the right amount of each type of food and your 5 a day, you should be fine.

12. Do you prefer the Gym or at home working out?

I have always said at home working out. I think the gym is very expensive and it takes a lot to get there for me. But working out at home is perfect, it's free to a certain point and it feels better.

13. What do you wear while working out?

On colder days and most days, I wear some leggings and a comfort top, like a strap top or a sports bra, with my Nike Trainers. But I wear shorts on warmer days.

14. Do you wear makeup while working out?

I think this is a very personal question regarding working out, the most I wear is concealer and lip balm. But sometimes I wear nothing, also at school I do a club straight after and I have a full face of makeup on then, so I guess it depends on where I come from before.

15. What is your top tip for working out?

Stay motivated and keep going. Motivation is so important when doing a challenge like this and don't stop, if you don't want to do it for that day, then don't go to the gym but just eat right aswell. Also challenge yourself, don't stay doing the same thing challenge yourself otherwise you'll never improve.

I really enjoyed that, I tag everyone to do this. Or pick a few questions and answer them below!