Monday, 7 July 2014

Let's Talk// Saving Money

Hello everyone,

I am going to talk to you about saving money! I have mentioned in a few blog posts about me saving money (I have to admit my friends were shocked)! But I am going to give you my tips and tricks if you like. If you didn't know I am saving money for my holiday in 4 weeks. The after that I am saving some to go towards my MacBook Air.

I started saying I was going to save money because I wanted money to spend at Duty Free. My mum suggested giving it to my dad to look after but I wanted to prove a point aswell. I downloaded this app called 'Savings Goal Free'. This app is really basic but it is great, you simply enter your target amount, then you can add and take money away from the total. The to help me keep my money 'non spendable' I brought this money tin from The Card Factory, but what is the best part is you can only open with with a tin can opener. (Money tin similar - Click here)

My tips for saving money//

1. Have a purpose for wanting to save money and make it something you really want. This is my best tip you need to work out why you want to save money, but to make sure it's for something you want. If it's something you really want you won't feel as tempted to take the money, and if you do your regret it more after.

2. Set yourself a target amount to reach and a date by. I have done this and it's very helpful, I wanted to save £100 minimum by the 4th August 2014. If you want to measure your target you can use SMART targets.

- Specific = I want to get £100 by the 4th August
- Measurable = I will use this app
- Achievable = It can be done because I rougly worked it out including my pocket money
- Realistic = It's is reasonable without being £1000
- Time Based = I set myself a time date of August 4th.

3. Remember every penny counts. If you are saving £1 a day this is so much better than saving only £3 in a week. Anything is better than nothing!

4. If you want to buy something, think 3 times about it. Ask yourself - Can I live without it? Do I really need it. If you can't decide give it a week if your still wanting or wishing you brought it then go back.

5. Don't leave it too late! If your trying to get a reasonable amount of money for your age, then you need to give yourself at least 3 months this is what I done. 

Are you any good at saving money? What are you saving up for? Comment below!


  1. I've been trying to save money recently for money to spend over the summer holidays on shopping and going out etc. so this is really helpful, the way I save money is just going full cold turkeey with no shopping for as long as possible haha

    1. Haha girl problems. It's typical when you don't have money you find everything! This means a lot I was rubbish at saving money before, so glad this helped! xx