Sunday, 24 August 2014

My experience with stitches!

Hello everyone,

I have thought about doing this post about my stitches because it's just good to hear someones experience with something like this. 

A few hours after getting stitches!

You may all be wondering how this happened. Well I was in Turkey and we was going to a waterpark, I was really enjoying myself then I went on this slide with my mum, it was pitch black and we were on a double rubber ring together. And basically when we was getting to the end of all the turns we tipped upside down so we was going down on our front for about 20 seconds. I was under my mum and when we got to the end it was all a shock and blur. I felt my chin really hurting and I saw blood, the park doctor came over to see if it was alright, put some tissue on it and said we're going to call a doctor to take you to hospital to check you over. I didn't want to go because they never take you to the hospital to 'check' you over. I was adamant I didn't want to go but we went anyway, we didn't go to a hospital they took us to a clinic. She looked at the cut and said we are going to have to stitch it, I panicked because I didn't want this done from the start. It didn't look deep it was just very small, but she showed my auntie and it was deep enough for stitches basically. Then she said that they are going to have to use a local anesthetic and it hurts as much as a mosquito bite, well she done it and it hurt 10 times more than a mosquito bite!I think it hurt a lot more because that had to put the needle straight into the wound. After the anesthetic she cleaned it up again and started stitching, I could feel them a lot to start off with it felt as if I was having 1000 needles put in my chin at once, then towards the end I didn't feel it at all, all together I had 4 stitches. 

The worst thing about having stitches was not being able to get them wet because it can loosen the stitches. So being in a really hot country, sweating and wanting to swim I couldn't because of my stitches. Also showering was really hard aswell, so I had to wash my hair over the sink (this took what felt like 30 minutes, then bath in the bath, this hurt because I had cuts all over my body from the slide. Also we went out that night and eating made it really painful aswell I suppose having the anesthetic made it ware off aswell, but sleeping was fine aswell because I don't sleep on my front luckily, but I did keep catching it a lot! 

All I can say is TGFI - Thank god for insurance!

I had to get them removed this Thursday, this didn't hurt, it just felt weird! I feel like it felt like having a harp being played on your chin, because she was cutting the, and it just felt like such a weird sensation. But now I have to keep products away from it and put bio oil on it soon to stop it scaring. If your wondering it feels like a raised scab.

This is the only hospital/medical attention I have ever had so far in my life, and trust it to be in a foreign country when I do need it! - Typical

Have you ever had to have stitches before? Comment below 
(You don't want them, wink face)

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