Monday, 25 August 2014

Ikea Haul & Bedroom Decor update

Hello everyone,

As promised I have a Ikea Haul for you, I am in love with everything I brought and I thought I would show you. This is everything I got for my bedroom, I will also try and link things below. Also happy 400th blog post to us, thank you for reading them it means a lot!

I have always wanted a white one of these faux sheepskin little rugs, I have a pink one before but I brought a white one. 
- Link (£10)

I have seen these everywhere on instagram, I brought five of these two for makeup brushes and three for pens/pencils. They are candle lantern/holders but great for storage, they had these in a lot of different sizes aswell. 
- Link (Now £1.90 each)

The main reason to go to Ikea was to get me a new desk. This was something I saw and feel in love, this is called the Linnmon/Alex combination, this is a Linnmon white table with two legs, but the Alex 5 drawer unit on the other side instead of having 4 legs this balances it out. 
- Link (£74.50 for both)

In my opinion the perfect desk storage is the Alex 5 drawer unit. 
- Link (£50 on it's own)

I also brought these storage boxes for extra storage, this came as a pack of 2.
- Link (£1.90)

I am going to do a desk tour/organisation very soon now I have this all organised to perfection!

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