Saturday, 5 July 2014

Let's Travel// Post Holiday Haul

Hello everyone,

I have my first post for you today in my Let's Travel series, which is going to be my post holiday haul. This is everything I have brought for my holiday. It is 29 days today.

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land

Miss Selfridge Playsuite and White lace crop top

Next Bikini, and Black and White Bandeau. By the way these Bandeau have the bra clasp, this is great meaning they will fit snug!

New Look Pink Glitter Jelly Sandals and Primark Black sandal/pumps

Primark socks, the pug and Looney Tunes socks are my flying socks! Also the things in the middle is a phone case/purse. This is a Primark wash bag, great because you can hang it up.

Primark travel minis. Also some toiletries for my holiday. I will be doing a What's in my wash bag and my carry on/liquids.

(Primark) This is my makeup bag for Turkey, I love it it's so cute. Also my bag for daytime and night.

Inside the wash bag, also some of the minis I brought for Turkey. From The Body Shop and Superdrug. Also some things from New Look, I got two floral crowns and a coin purse.

My hat is so cute from New Look with the flowers. Also my sun glasses are from Next. I got a new Pandora ring I have three now and love them all (this is purple by the way).

Have you been buying anything for a holiday or Summer? Comment below

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