Sunday, 9 November 2014

Haul// Lush, New Look & More

Hello everyone,

I have a haul for you today, this is everything I brought last week on my half term break. I done all of this damage through out the whole week, but I also have more things but their everything I want to feature during Blogmas next month. I have a range of shops from Lush to Next.

First of all from The Body Shop, I realised that on their website that they have their Christmas scents back out again, I was hoping for something I would love, then I found out it was Glazes Apple! I freaked out because I love the smell of apple, it doesn't smell to Christmas like which is good in some aspects. But I brought the Glazed Apple Hand Cream (£3.50), Glazed Apple Lip Balm (£4.00) and lastly the Glazed Apple Shower Gel (£4.00). I would reccomend this scent it your a big fan of apples like I am, also they do a lot of different products this year like bath crystals. (Check the line out here)

In New Look, I have seen this scarf for the longest time, but just never brought it. Then I walked in their with the money in hand and decided it was time! I love the checker pattern against a black coat, also the length it perfect as well as the thickness. This was £14.99, and it's very versatile with the reversible pattern. (Link)

In the New Look sale, they have either really good things or rubbish. I only have one case for my phone, so I needed more. I found these two with a bunch of other for only £2/£3. They are very bright and I think their so cute, I can't find them on the website now.

 I never go into Next because for me their clothes aren't my style. But my mum was in their so I looked at the accessories/Christmas things and came across this clutch! I have had my eye on one of the Alphabet Bags clutch with the writing on them, they are a real statement. This was only £12 and could either be used as a clutch or even a makeup/tablet bag.(Link)

My name is Shelby, and I am addicted to Lush! I was in their more or less every day last week and now one of the women know me! I have accumulated quite a lot, i'm not going to lie. But I hate seeing my Lush glass looking empty, it looks so much nicer bursting with scents and colours. Starting from the top left and going along, I have Lord Of Misrule bath bomb, Snow Fairy shower gel, The Melting Snow Man bath melt, Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath melt, Christmas Eve Bubble Bar (I had to because of my birthday), Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, Cinders Bath Bomb and Golden Wonder bath bomb, I also had the Sparkler bath bomb. 

That is everything I have been buying so far! Comment below what you have been buying recently.

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