Sunday, 2 November 2014

I am doing blogmas!

Hello everyone,

I have a very exciting announcement for you today, I have been thinking very long and hard about something, and I am here for you to announce this, you can tell from the title that... 

I am doing Blogmas! I will be blogging every other day in the month of December, I will be starting on the first of December, but I will also be blogging on my birthday (Christmas Eve), Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years day. I will be doing a lot of different blog posts from gift guides to what I got for my Christmas/birthday posts and every thing in between. I wanted to quickly explain why I am doing Blogmas, and as you may know what next year my posts will be slacking a lot due to my exams, but I think this would be nice as a last heap of blog posts till about summer! 

I hope your as excited as I am! Also if you have any requests comment below, and I want to know who's doing blogmas/vlogmas! 

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