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Let's Travel// Club Cettia Apartments - Turkey

Hello everyone,

I have the final part of my Let's Travel series today, and this is my hotel review. We stayed in Turkey Marmaris, at the Club Cettia Apartments. Just for reference we stayed in the room 404, on the forth floor. - Find out about the hotel here

We stayed at this apartments for 11 nights, from the 4th of August to the 15th. We arrived at the hotel at around 1-2 pm turkey time. We went up to our hotel room to drop our cases and getting something to eat, when we entered the hotel room, it was a lovely sized room with a really big balcony (like the balcony in the top middle on this picture). But when we were looking around the hotel we found out their was only one Air Conditioning and that was int he lounge with the sofa bed. This meant the bedroom was baking hot every night and day. You can buy a fan but their not free, also another thing to mention about the room was the sofa bed it, kept coming apart during the night, so the bottom bit was like rolling away, this happened a few times. We went of the road opposite to the hotel to a place called 'Starbucks', they done quite nice food. 

The location of the hotel was very nice because you have a few shops, bars and restaurants literally a stones throw away from the hotel. You could also walk to the beach but it was take you around 10-15 minutes at a moderate paste walk. But you can also get a Dourmoush (local bus) to the main part of Marmaris beach which is stunning. (Picture below)

Around where the Dourmoush stops. (Marmaris beach)

This is a 3 minute walk from the hotel. You just carry on walking straight down and that is where all the shops and restaurants are. - Picture from the Selina resturant

View from the balcony of 308.

Going back to the hotel it's self. Some of the things to note about the hotel are that it only have one lift, this isn't too bad but the life is tiny and you can only fit 4 people max in it. This was the only thing when we were arriving and leaving with the lift with your luggage, their was 9 of us and it took about 4 trips for all 9 of us plus luggage and hand luggage. Another thing is the sub beds, on our last night, they introduced or followed through with this rule that you can't put your towels on the sub beds until 8am, and you have to stay their on your sub bed, so you can't go back up to bed after putting your towels down. This was for some of the people staying their but not for every single person but this was our last day so we wasn't bothered. Also another thing about the sub beds and pool is, people from the all inclusive hotel were coming down to use the apartment hotel, this meant less sunbeds because their pool is smaller than this one. 

Quickly going back to our hotel room, we have a really lovely sized balcony with a lot of room. But the view was of trees, the Cettia hotel and a electricity pylon, which wasn't the best. The food... was lovely! one morning I have the fruit plate which was massive and perfect, the chicken and bacon salad was amazing aswell as the smothered chicken! The lemon and sugar pancake is great too aswell as the Pizzas!. They also had a Turkish night on a Thursday which was amazing I love this a lot and was worth the money. Entertainment was good aswell apart from one night they had a snake show and I was very scared I hate snakes and we were right by the stage! 

But the waiters were lovely, and Sasha the Guest relations manager was very helpful and lovely aswell. But I hope this helped if you were thinking about this hotel, all together I would give this a 5 and a half/10.

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