Friday, 22 August 2014

Tag// Share the love ❤

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for these kind of late posts, I guess I feel the most motivated at 10 o'clock. But today I have a tag for you and it's called share the love, you basically just give shout outs to people you think should have more subscribers/followers. It's really important putting the beauty and fashion aside from time to time, because without the bloggers and youtubers themselves their wouldn't be no youtube/blogging community. 

1. Jess 

On youtube their is one person I love to watch/read her blog and that is Jess or JDRMakeup. I think her content is great it's spot on what I love watching/reading. I think she should have a lot more followers and subscribers because she is always uploading and she's very dedicated to her videos aswell as handling school. Youtube//Blog//Twitter//Instagram

2. Harriet

I love watching people around my own age, because we can relate a lot more. But I love harriet's videos and her blog just because her opinions are very helpful and she get's straight to the point, also her descriptions about things are very informative.

3. Ellie

I have been watching Ellie for quite a white, ever since I was making videos. I love her content again it's just everything I would want to see. Also she does a range of videos which is great for something different.

4. Ally

For someone with quite a lot of subscribers but I still think she should have more, Ally has a lot of different videos from high end bad reviews to outfit ideas. I am very envious of her bag collection FWI. Great content and very consistent. Also her blog is really good and very neat looking.

I tag everyone to do this, and lets give credit to everyone we love!

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