Sunday, 12 April 2015

Staying Happy

Hello everyone,

Lately I have preferred to blog about lifestyle then beauty, I hope you don't mind but at the moment I am enjoying lifestyle topics more. Today I am going to talk about staying happy, this is really hard because we all have them off days, but I hope this helps you when your in one of them moments.


Having a understanding of when your not happy is a massive step, because you may be really unset but you might not know if to try and make yourself more happy again. I know that I am not happy because I become more emotional, distant and generally not in the mood to talk etc. Because I know this is me on a bad day, I can attempt to improve it because I have an understanding of being unhappy.


Sometimes it's good to have a bad day because it would seem strange to not have one. However we all struggle to accept that sometimes we are going to be unhappy, because that is life! I know sometimes I feel selfish for having a bad day because someone else is already feeling like that, or sometimes I feel as if I have to be happy all the time around certain people.

Not having high expectations/

At the moment during school I have high expectations of myself, or teachers and peers, but when I get disappointed this makes me unhappy because I was expecting big things from that situations. In addition to this when you expect nothing, and something good happens your going to feel happier because something good came out of a low expectation. 

Taking a step back/

Taking a step back lets you really appreciate what you have and what is happening, this means that your taking in every inch of the situation which is a positive aspect because your doing to feel more grateful for them times. Also a lot happens all at once and we need to take a step back to remind ourselves to make memories for the future, as well as not getting caught up with your heads in the clouds.

Don't have regrets/

This is down to the individual but I believe that I should have regrets because everything happens for a reason, good and bad sometimes things weren't meant to be and other were.

Do what makes you happy/

This is very obvious but we don't always bide by this, if your going to the gym 5 days a week and your not happy with having to do it and if feels like a chore then don't do it! It's obviously making you unhappy. This stays the same for any situations, life is too short for you not to be happy.


Remember negative thoughts = a negative you! Trying to stay positive is going to make you much happier while making decisions, as well as finding the best in a bad situations, something good comes out from everything you just have to take 5 to think of that one or more positive.

Be with people who have a positive effect on you/

You need to surround yourself with people that make you happy, having someone put a downer on your day if going to finally catch up on you and make you even more unhappy then before. If it's a friend who is being negative or doing poor things then it's having a negative effect, change it while you can!

Let people help you/

Having help from someone can make you instantly 100 times better straight away! Teachers, friends, peer, family and many other people want to see you happy and succeeding but to get help and guidance your going to have to open up to people. Let them listen to your thoughts and feelings because it helps. If your not comfortable talking to a friend talk to a teacher who you can trust and someone you like. 

Setting goals and aspirations/

I set a lot of goals and aspirations throughout the year, because it keeps me on track and less stressed which makes me happier. I love having 10 minutes to myself to think about what I want to achieve and where I want to be in 1,2,5 or 10 years time. But not everyone is going to set aspirations because I am a dreamer not a realist.

Health and fitness/

You health is essential especially a balance diet because it's going to make you happy because you have energy and your not tired. Also not everyone is a fan of fitness but this does't have to be the gym, it could be dance, yoga or meditations for example.


Once you smile you won't be able to stop, even if your not feeling the best inside cracking a smile can instantly lighten your spirits and feelings.

If your like me I love quotes, so here are a few to keep you positive and happy:

I hope this help you be more happy and positive, if you ever need more advice I can do more let's talk posts like this!

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