Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Florida Day 2 and 3 - Universal, Shopping and Disney

Hello everyone,

I have combined day 2 and 3 of Florida into one because the internet last night was rubbish, and was taking 10 minutes to open blogger. But anyways yesterday we went to Universal during the day and then we popped into The Florida Mall for a few hours in the evening, then today we have spent nearly the whole day at Disney world.

Day 2 -

I loved Universal Studios, it was such a lovely atmosphere especially all the different ages it was a lovely day, their is a lot to see and do, we was their for around 6 hours and didn't get everything done. 

My favourite ride/attraction at Universal was obviously Minion Mayhem it was a 3D ride where you seats move. It was a lot of fun, and me being the Despicable Me fan I am I love it a lot!

I would 100% recommend getting the fast track passes if you can because you don't realise how long you actually spend waiting around for the rides, then by the time your ready to leave you have only been on 5 rides.

I went to SEPHORA!!! I finally went to the mothership, I was so excited to actually experience it for myself, it was beautiful! If your wondering, yes I did buy a few things. I also went into Bath and Body Works and also brought some things, the shop smells lovely!

Day 3 -

We had breakfast today at Disney, the character breakfast! It was amazing the food was lovely and it was great to meet some of the Disney characters.

Disney world was truly magical, this it the only word that pops into mind when I think Disney. The castle was beautiful as well, we didn't get to do everything but we're going to go back to see the Parade and Fireworks. The waiting around at Disney was the worst some of the lines were 2+ hours long!

I will speak to you tomorrow where we are finishing off Universal and going to a few outlets.

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