Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Looking At The Glass Half Full.

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have heard the saying looking at the glass half full/empty, which basically relates to being a optimistic person or being a pessimistic person. Well I thought I would do a blog post talking about being a optimistic person and seeing positives in every situation.

Wether your a optimistic person or not the main thing to understand is their are going to be bad days, and things do get better. I have to admit sometimes I feel as if all the bad and negative things tend to happen to me, but after a few times you have to remember but their is always going to be a positive in every situation you may just have to look at things in a different way!

I also feel as if everything happens for a reason, it may feel like your having a s**t time, but on the upside this is all happening for a reason, you may struggle and feel as if their is no light at the end of the tunnel but their will be. I believe that everything impacts each other all the little events is leading to something big.

If you feel as if your life isn't working out you just have to remember that it's get better. Talking about your issues helps a lot, if you don't feel like telling a person write what's wrong in a notebook or type it somewhere, and you can delete it straight away, it helps getting out in the open.

Some people may seem really optimistic to you as if they never have a bad time but remember everyone acts differently to situations, they may look happy but inside they could be in desperate need of help, I always remember the quote 'You know someones name not their story' Just keep in mind everyone has a bad day, some people just look at the situation differently.

If you struggle to think optimistically then think of any positive times you have had, play some of your favourite music, look at past pictures and do what you enjoy and what makes you happy! Once you start to look at things in a different light and more positively you will start to see your self seeing the glass as half full!

Just remember to try and thinking positive, and their is something good in every day!

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