Thursday, 6 August 2015

Spot Prone Skincare Routine

Hello everyone,

As you can tell from the title I have a skincare post for you about dealing with spot prone skin, and a tried and tested routine that will work if your dealing with blemishes. This is my skincare routine that I have used for a few years now and I can honestly tell you it have been a life savour.

Just to clarify I now have spot prone skin but I would say it's not normal than combination now.

The Steps - 

Cleanse - I haven't included makeup removers because that for me changes all the time because that doesn't tend to affect my skin. Anyway the cleanser I swear by is the Biore Blemish fighting ice cleanser, I have loved this for around 3 years now, and it's changed my skin dramatically. This is something I use in the morning and afternoon, I use this with a soap and glory face massage mini mitt, this has also been a staple with this cleanser, it just allows you to work the product in and to get a clean base. I dampen my dace then I apply roughly a pump and a half on the damp mitt then work the product in, using circular motions. 

Face Wash - I have had a love hate relationship with Neutrogena products, but this is the Visibly clear spot clearing facial wash, and this is a product I love! This foams up very nicely and makes your skin feel clean, and ready for moisturiser etc. I use this after cleansing to make sure all dead skin and bacteria is gone, I also use this with a damp face, put two pumps on my hand a again massage it in with circular motions.

Toner - A toner is no important with blemish prone skin, because it's all caused from a build up of dirt or impurities, I love the Lush tea tree water after face wash. This is a great product with it's no too harsh but it has tea tree which is great for dealing with spots. I spray this around 5 time all around my face then wipe away using a cotton pad, I again use circular motions. 

Moisturisers - Another important step which is putting the moisture back into your skin, I have used this product for a few years now and it's the Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser, this is targeted for people with spots and blemishes. A moisturiser is so important because you need to put all the good things back into your skin, this is hydrating but doesn't make you look oily. I use about a pea size amount round my whole face after my face it dry from the toner.

Spot Treatment - Once you have found the best base products for your skin type you will need a spot treatment, this helps to clear your skin from blemishes and spots, but this also helps to prevent any as well as reducing swelling and redness. I use the Lush grease lightening treatment, this works wonders and clears your spots in under a week if you use it religiously. I apply this after moisturiser and apply a little amount around the blemish, you can use this all over your face, but I feel as it it dries my skin out too much.

Tips and tricks -

Adapt your skincare to you - This is the most important tip, if you have dry and spot prone skin don't use something that isn't too moisturising, this is the same for any product you use. Give what your skin needs otherwise nothing will work.

Stick to your routine - For some people they have great products that work but they never stick to the same routine, once you have used some products for a while stick to it! Your skin will start adapting to your products, but you have to stick to the same routine to see any changes and improvements.

Keep hydrated and Eat well - This is a big step and one that is the hardest for me, eating well and having a balance diet is going to help your skin tremendously. If you eat 5 bars of chocolate a week then this is going to have the opposite affect on your skin to what you want. 

Stop exfoliating! - You may have realised that I didn't include a face scrub etc. This is because they don't help your blemishes and spots, you need to use gentle products on and around them otherwise because you can irritate then and spread the bacteria all over your skin... resulting in more spots!

Remove makeup - Never sleep in your makeup, remove it even if your half asleep! This will just clog your pores resulting in more spots even if your using makeup wipes it's better than nothing!

Clean your brushes - This again is a major step, you need to clean your makeup brushes! A build up of bacteria on your brushes is a bad idea, as it's going to spread germs and bacteria all over your face. If you don't use makeup brushes then make sure your hand/sponges are clean.

Stop touching your face - We never realise how many times that we actually touch are face during the day, this is a recipe for disasters with the amount of germs on your hands from your surroundings, if your going to touch your face have clean hands.

Less makeup is better - When you have spots and blemishes don't cover your whole face in thick makeup products, keep it minimal because you don't want to be irritating the spots making them worse, or even adding more already.

I hope this helped you!

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