Monday, 3 August 2015

My Scrapbook #1

Hello everyone,

As you can tell I have a scrapbooking post for you because I have made the decision to scrapbook as much as I can this year. A lot of things are happening/happened this year which I want to remember for a long time, and for me a scrapbook is a way to show this. I am going to do this as a series so I can take you through a tour of my scrapbook over the time.

What you will need:

You can decide to make your own scrapbook from scratch but I decided to buy mine because I am not too crafty when it comes to DIY's.

- Scrapbook (Mine is from Paperchase, link)
- Scissors
- Glue
- Pens (I used a sharpie and some from Paperchase)
- Memorabilia (Tickets, cards etc)
- Photos (I printed mine myself using photo paper)
- Crafts (Washi tape, tags, fabric etc.)

On the first page of my scrapbook I stuck in this postcard of part of the globe, then around this I wrote down places I would like to visit. I made the header on a website called Picmonkey (link).

This is the first proper section, here I wrote about prom. I made the header again on picmonkey, I also used a tag from Tiger (pack of 20) to write the date of prom, then stuck that down with washi tape from Tiger. Once I stuck down the photos I wrote next to them who the photos are of.

I done the same on this page but on the other page I wrote a bit about prom and the whole night. Then I also found a quote on google and stuck that in using washi tape from Tiger.

On the next few pages I done a spread about my time at my secondary school with pictures through out the years with a bit of writing about each picture. This is a great memory section and one of my favourite parts of the book so far.

This is the start to my Italy pages, I also made a header on Picmonaey as well as using a tag with the dates of when I went to Italy, I stuck this down with washi tape as well as my boarding pass and a sticker from my passport. I also annotated this pictures with the place etc.

This was the last page of Italy I done the same just annotating some pictures. But you may know that I love quotes, so on the net page I printed out some travelling quotes and wrote 'Travel' on a tag which is from Tiger.

I also done this header on Picmonaey as well as a tag saying with dates of my trip. On the first page I stuck down the food menu from the flight, boarding pass and the room key on the first page. I done a page on Universal on the second page with a sentence about my favourite ride.

On the first side of this page I stuck down some disney photos as well as my entrance pass. Because I needed to fill some space I printed out a quote from Walt Disney. On the second page I have loads of picture from Miami, as well as my room key. I also made this picture saying 'Miami is always a good idea', I used one of my photos of the view and done this on Picmonkey.

This is the last page of my scrapbook so far, here I have my boarding pass and the menu from the flight coming home, as well as some last pictures of Miami from our boat trip. I also annotated these and wrote 'I love Florida' with circle around it.

That is my scrapbook so far! What do you think?

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