Friday, 31 July 2015

Wonder and Juive Book Review

Hello everyone,

I have two book reviews for you today, I thought I would do this now then I will review my two other books once I have finished them both. I am reviewing Wonder by R.J Palacio and Juvie by Steve Watkins, I brought both of these books from Asda which was only 2 for £7, including these books and many more.

(Left = Wonder, Right = Juvie)

Wonder - R.J Palacio

Overall rating - 9/10

I started reading this book on the way to America on a 9 hour flight, I got into this book right away once I picked it up I couldn't put it back down again. I love the way this books is written as in it gives you the story in the perspective of some of the characters, it gives it a more realistic and personal feeling to the book, this is what makes it really addictive.

I am also a massive fan of this book because it is a very different story to your typical school/education set books. I love the story because it's about a boy who was born with some differences to his face, it's about him wanting to go to school and trying to fit in. What drawn me to this book was the fact it's meant to be very similar to The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nightime, which is one of my favourite books ever.

I would highly recommend this book if you love young adult based books, this is a brilliant book that you'll be hocked on for a long time. I am also not a big reader as some of you may know but I read this book in just over a week.

Juvie - Steve Watkins

Overall rating - 7.5/10

I started reading this as soon as I finished wonder and I read it in around 2 and a bit days. This is about two sisters who end up going to a party, and about one of the sisters doing time in Juvie to protect her sister and her niece. 

I really did enjoy this book again because it was different from any other book I have read, this is a young adult book again. The only thing that let me down on this book was it was very jam packed with a lot of different events, this is also different because it's written in a diary entry form but one chapter will be her life before Juvie them in the next chapter it switches to her life in juvie.

I do like this book because it has a lot of different factors that she has to keep in mind. It also makes you think a lot wether you'd do time for a sister/family member. It shows how her life changes since being in juvie and how it will affect her career.

I would recommend this book highly if you love young adult books about teenagers and situations in a family relationship.

Stay tuned for some more book reviews featuring Paper Town by John Green and more...

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