Monday, 10 August 2015

What's On My iPhone 6 Plus!

Hello everyone,

You may know if you follow me on Instagram that I recently upgraded and got the iPhone 6 plus, and jus tot clear up I really don't think it's too big I am so used to it and love it a lot. I got the Gold in the 64gb because 16gb is never enough! I thought I would share with you what apps I have and just a peak into my phone.

Okay so this is the front page of my phone, if your wondering the background is from Pinterest (here, I love it because it's very summery and clear, it also is really cute.

I have annotated some of my favourite apps such as Fine iPhone, this is a life savour because we have all the apple devices connected so when you can't find your phone, I can log onto my laptop and see where it is as well as playing a sound to find it. This is more for when you have lost your devices you can track where they all are.

Also I have to say that I am loving the new apple music app, it's very well played out and much nicer to use! As you may know from the last post (here), I am currently studying for my Driving theory test so I have some mock exams apps. 

Of course my social media my favourite is by far Instagram and Pinterest! I love Pinterest for finding quotes, backgrounds and fun pictures. 

For my second and last page I have a folder titled 'Misc' which consists of the apps I never use and that I can't delete! Next to that I have a games folder Lehrer I just have two quiz apps because they are my favourite type of games.

I also have a App in the air on the top row which I am wanting to try out when I go on holiday next, it's meant to keep you organised while going on holiday with your travel information etc. 

I have the One Note app because this is where I take notes like blog post ideas and a makeup wish-list  Next to this I have time hop which I cringe looking at every day! If your interested a year ago today I got stitches while in Turkey!

Towards the bottom I have the BBC new app to keep update with what's going on around the world. I also have a app called Clue which is basically a calendar to track your periods, this can be a really life savour! Lastly, I have the Sky Sports football app to keep up to date with Arsenal and Barcelona; my favourite teams!

What are some of your favourite apps? 

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