Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Favourite Brow Products

Hello everyone,

I am going to talk to you about my favourite brow products, apart from Blush and Lips, brows are my favourite part of doing my makeup, simply because they make so much of a difference to any look, they are a key staple in my makeup routine. I personally think everyone should do something to their brows, wether it's just shaping or filling them in, it makes such a difference and makes everyone look a bit more out together, they stand out and change/shape your face.

Maybelline Brow Satin Brow duo (£5.99) - This is a great drugstore eye brow product and it's a very unique one. This has a pencil on one end which is perfect for shaping, then you have a sponge with brow powder on to fill in your brows. This is very good and gives natural definition to your brows, perfect for beginners who are just looking for natural definition. Link

Anastasia Brow Wiz (£15.50) - This is a very staple brow product as in pencils are the easiest to use and the most common, a lot of people may own this because it is very easy and convenient. This has a brow brush on one end to distribute the product and to blend harsh lines, this needs to be used with a light hand as pencils can come across very unnatural and harsh at times. This is a great product for travelling as well as using on the go or if your in a hurry. Link

Benefit High Brow Glow (£16.50) - This is more for the people who want the very slick and strong brows, this can be used to highlight all round the brow for definition or can be used in certain places such as under the arch of the brow for a crisp arch. This this a good product but it's not a staple for many people, I don't use this everyday but this can make a big difference. Link

Real Techniques Brow Brush (Can't but separate £20.99 for set) - Their aren't too many good brushes for a cheaper price compared to Mac etc, but Real Techniques is greta quality this brush can be very natural; because it's bigger than some brushes, meaning it looks natural as it doesn't add too much products, great with most powder products not too much cream. Link

Anastasia No 12 Brush (£15) - This is now my favourite brow brush for cream products, it adds more definition because it's smaller, this is also very precise for creams. This is a the perfect brush as well because of the brush on the end, it blends products out like no other. Link

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (£15) - Speaking of cream products above, the reason why I brought the No 12 brush is for this product, the Dipbrow Pomade is one of my favourites! Perfect for definition, you don't need a lot of product and a little goes a long way, I would also recommend using a light hand since you don't want it too harsh. I would say for everyone to try this because it's so easy to use that it can't really go wrong. Also the best thing about this is that it lasts forever meaning you don't have to worry about it throughout the day! Link

Mac Eyeshadows (£13) - You may of heard about using eye shadows for brows, well for me the best eyeshadows for this is Mac. I have Charcoal Brown and Omega which are both Matte shadows, for your brows you want to use mattes since their not sparkly etc. These two colours are the best for brows I think and would suit any colour brows. These can also still be defining as well as natural, it just tends on how much you use etc. Link

HD Brows Palette Foxy (£19.95) - This is one product I had always walked to try as HD Brows as a brand made your brows look perfect! This is a lovely palette again for travelling, but because you have so many colours which is great if you tend to go for different looks. 

Benefit Gimme Brow (£18.50) - This is one of my favourite products again, this is a life savour when your not looking to do much with your brows, great for every day! This gives slight definition and keeps them natural. This is amazing on it's own or layered with other products such as the Mac eyeshadows. This is perfect for beginners who don't want too much product or definition. Link

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (£17) - This is again a lovely product from Anastasia which keeps your brow natural but defined. I tend to mix the two colours together to create the perfect colour and definition. This is easy to use and great to carry with you on a daily basis. Link

Benefit Brow Zings (£24.50) - This again is another of my favourite products, this is perfect for creating definition and a precise look to your brows. I first apply the powder then go in with the wax to set them and to add more colour and definition, this is pricey but will last you ages, this is easy to use and works perfectly every time. You can also create a more natural looking by using either of the products on it's own. Link

What are your favourite brow products! I have a eyebrow routine from last year click here.

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