Tuesday, 11 August 2015

DIY Chocolate Frappe

Hello everyone,

I have been obsessed with the Mcdonalds Frappe both the chocolate chip and caramel, because I have been so in love with them I thought making my own would be more convenient and cheaper. I only tried making just a plain chocolate one but I am definitely going to try more flavours etc, I really want to make a peppermint one for the winter.

What you will need:

- Coffee, Kettle etc.
- Sugar
- Milk
- Whipped Cream
- Ice
- Blender
- Chocolate Sauce
- Chocolate Flakes
- Cup
- Straw (I have a paper straw)
  • 1. Make your coffee in a mug, I done a teaspoon and a half of general coffee, here you can chose your favourite wether that is Decaf etc. I also added a teaspoon and a half of granulated sugar to make this sweeter. Once you have added all of this you need to fill the mug with the coffee majority of the way but leaving some room for milk, I roughly added a quarter of a cup of milk, you need to add a decent amount but it all depends on your preference with coffee as well.
  • 2. Let your coffee stand for around 10 minutes to cool down, then you need to place it in the fridge for around 30-45 minutes, the longer you leave it in their the colder your drink will be.
  • 3. Now once your coffee has cooled down, you need to get your blender and place the coffee, a lot of ice as well as a tea spoon or more of your chocolate sauce, again this depends on your preference with how much chocolate. This is also where you can switch up the ingredients, if you would prefer caramel you can use a caramel sauce etc. Then you need to let this blend for around a minute.
  • 4. Once everything is blended, you want to place your drink in a nice cup mine were from Next and Tesco. You can add some more ice in if you prefer it being colder, like I did.
  • 5. Now to decorate I added some whipped cream, as well as some more chocolate sauce and some chocolate flakes from the cooking part in Asda, then place in your straw of choice, I recommend paper ones because it makes the drink very Tumblr esc.
  • 6. Now drink up and enjoy!
I will be doing more Frappe posts, especially the peppermint one around winter time!

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