Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Topshop Wishlist

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk to you about some things I am lusting over from Topshop mainly for college and things ready for Autumn/Winter. I have included some makeup because I still want to try out more Topshop makeup which would be great for school etc.

Topshop Wishlist

I am in love with Topshop Jeans, I am in love with the Joni so I would like a light blue wash pair because it's something lighter than wearing white. Also I want to try out the Leigh jeans which I really want in the dark grey, I haven't own a pair of grey jeans for so many years, they can also be lighter then wearing black all the time. Also I have found this pair of Treggins which look very thick especially for A/W, but they also look much nicer then your bob standard plain leggings, they have more shape and design.

Top wise I have fallen in love with checkered shirts lately, I especially want a red one because it feels more winter inspired, also the Topshop ones looks much nicer and better quality. I also am loving jumpers lately, I brought one in River Island which I will show in a back to school haul, but this one it really nice because it reminds me of kourtney and khloe take The Hamptons, which was a really good series, the Hamptons looks beautiful as well. Lastly I found this crop top saying heart break hotel which I love the design of.

Moving onto makeup, I have been loving Lip Liners lately, and Topshop ones look lovely especially the colour Ceramic, I also want to try a few Topshop liners, such as the Kohl liner and the Gel liner because I have been loving liner lately, and would like to try more. I want to try more cream blushers I am been loving them over summer especially, and the Tophop Cheek Jelly looks really interesting and natural. Lastly the Topshop Eye Gleam looks lovely since I have been loving cream eyeshadows I thought this looks really good.

Onto Accessories, I need a new winter coat, this black coat looks so classy as well as being really simplistic, it will go with everything and looks so nice! I love scarfs at winter time and have been wanting these knit ones for the longest time, I would like the black and light pink because they will go with everything and keep me warm, the pink will also be different then wearing black all the time. I have also been loving these slip on shoes especially my New Look ones, these Skater shoes are black faux leather and look very nice, and will go with everything!

What have you been lusting over from Topshop lately? 

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