Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Future Listography: All I hope to do in lists

Hello everyone,

I have had this book for a while now called My future listography, all I hope to do in lists. I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the book and just some of my answers to the questions. I would recommend this book for the people who love lists obviously, but the ones to like to plan their future...

I brought this book from Amazon, after looking for some books that are planning for the future based, this one came up a few times with a lot of different variations, I remember Louise talking about this book but the lover version, she really rater the book so I thought to take the plunge and buy it. This is £8.99 and is a great book to just spend a few minutes flicking through.

This book has up to 160 pages full of things for you to make lists on! Some of the questions are really random but other really make you think. Here are a few examples:

  • List parties you'd enjoy throwing
  • List other lives you'd want to lead if you had nine lives
  • List recipes you want to try
  • List things you'd like to collect
  • List things to explore online 
  • and many more...

When I first got this book I was obsessed with it to be honest, a lot of the times my mum and I have just sat answering the questions to each other, I have also done this with a few of my friends because it's a great thing to talk about, it's instructing to hear peoples answers as well. My favourite question in the whole book is on page 147 and it's List where you see yourself in five years, ten years and twenty-five year. It gets you excited for the future and to really sit and think about what you'd love to do and where you see yourself.

My other favourite thing about this book is definitely the quality of it, I love the details in the book such as the graphics they are cute, but they also prompt you with ideas of what to write. The book is a good size as well with good quality paper, it has a nice weight to it as well which makes it seem more expensive. I would definitely say this is a coffee table book, as I said above it sparks conversation.

Overall I love this book and think it's amazing quality, I think this is the perfect book for the fellow listers as well as the ones who think about the future; like myself. I would give this 5/5 as my rating because it's something I like doing to pass the time as well as it's a nice thing to keep for the future!

Does this seem like your cup of tea?