Friday, 21 March 2014

Millie's Cookie Shake// At Home

Hello everyone,

I have a slight addiction to Millie's Cookies cookie shake! I have such a addiction that I keep going on about it and have got all my friends hooked on them! They aren't the cheapest and it's so simple to do at home.

Millie's Cookies website// Click here

What you will need!

- Cookies// I use Millie's Cookies milk chocolate cookie, but this always work just as well with other homemade cookies. I haven't tried this with packet cookies but they would work just as well.
- Blender
- Milk
- Ice Cream// I used Vanilla Ice cream. You could experiment with other flavors.

Millie's Cookies cookie shake// Milk Chocolate cookie

Step one - I use 5 scoops of the Vanilla Ice Cream, Two Millie's Cookies Milk Chocolate Cookies (Broken up) and about 3 table spoons of Milk. You need to mix all your ingredients together.

Step two - Mix all together until all the Cookie is broken up, you may want to get a spoon at the bottom of the blender to make sure there are no cookie's crumbled at the bottom.

Step three - When all mixed, serve up! 

I hope this is helpful, you have to try it they taste amazing!

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