Saturday, 22 March 2014

Haul// Few things

Hello everyone,

I should be revising right now for my Spanish speaking exam on Monday, but i'm not. I went into town today and I brought some more things for my mum's mother day present. I have a post coming tomorrow I hope on my mum's mothers day gifts. But I have a few things I would like to show you it's all from Next.

I have been in need for some new sun glasses, I also needed some for when I go on holiday in August. I found these from Lipsy (via Next) I have fell in love with them. They were £16 and they are they are Aviators, I think these suite my face shape really well. Also I have been wanting some Ray Ban Aviators but I couldn't bring my self to spend that amount of money and knowing my luck breaking them. Also these have bright pink tips. 

Lipsy Aviator sunglasses// Click here

If you don't know me by now, I am obsessed with ducks! I was also browsing the Next website and stumbled across these cute slippers. They were £12 and are so comfy. I have slippers but not little throw on throw off sort. These are so soft and are great quality. Also my mum got these set of two glasses, they are so nice I am in love with them.

Duck Slippers// Click here
Sea themed glasses// Click here (Only 3.50 for 2!)

I am one for organizing my room and things in it, and my Lush collection was getting a bit messy and just didn't look very nice. But my mum and I came across this amazing Glass jar it was £25 but it looks so nice and it looks like a massive ice ice cream sundae glass. All my things couldn't fit in there so I layered them around the base of the jar. I think this storage is clean, modern and nothing is in the way. Would highly reccomend also I haven't seen many people use these for Lush storage.

Large glass jar// Click here

I hope you found this interesting! I have a mothers day gift guide/what I have brought my mum post coming tomorrow (I hope)

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