Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gift Guide// Mother's day

Hello everyone,

I said in my last blog post that I was going to do a mother's day gift guide/ What I have got my mum for Mother's day. These are affordable things and I fell you can pick up anywhere and everywhere it's also a great last minute guide. It's a week till Mother's day and I hope this helps, also I have gone with a 'Pamper theme'.

Mother's day gift guide

You can never go wrong with a frame and a picture, I haven't printed out the picture yet but I fell in love with this frame and so did my mum. This is a Splosh frame. (Picture one// Click here)

My mum loves the house and rooms smelling nice, I got her this Yankee Candle room reed diffuser in beach walk. This smells very fresh and spring like. I thought she could out this in the toilet/bathroom or the office. (Picture 2// Click here)

I love giving my mum pampering products because she then has no excuse not to relax and treat her skin. I found this Sanctuary pamper kit in boots. Also my mum love Montagne Jeunesse  face masks and in boots they were only 67p. (Sanctuary picture 3// Click here, Face masks Picture 4// Click here)

My mum can be quite picky with scents, but I have found the best way to see if she likes it and I spray it on myself and just casualy ask if she likes it. I found this set in The Body Shop in the scent English dawn white gardenia. (Picture 5// Click here, couldn't find set).

Last of all I brought my mum this set of two Yankee Candle's in the scent's White Gardenia and Children's Wish. She loves the scents and I was going to get her a candle and it's even better to get 2. (Picture 6// Click here)

I hope this helped! What have you got your mum for mother's day? Comment Below

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