Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Workout Wednesday// Primark Workout Clothes

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what I could do and I have been wanting to do this for quite a while now, it's going to be about Primark Workout Clothes it's going to be a haul/review. In my opinion you don't need to spend so much on Victoria's Secret and Lululemon.

I have only tried a few things from Primark's Workout clothes range, but I feel I have tried a good mix of things. The first thing I got is a pair of shorts I do prefer more tight fitting shorts because you can't see you under wear through the bagginess, but there good for at home workout's. They are comfy but do get a bit tight when stretching (if you can get what i'm trying to say). I think these were roughly £3.50

The next thing I have tried is one of there sport's bra's, these are honestly amazing, they are so comfy and the material is so soft and you feel like you have a blanket wrapped around you. They also don't get sweaty when working out, also I wouldn't reccomend these for more busty people because they aren't super supportive, but for the money they are good. Also the sizes are not in bra sizes, this can be very annoying but I went for a size that you think would fit, I went with the size I get tops in and it fits perfectly. These are around £4

I can't really talk much about the sport socks because I haven't tried them yet. But wearing the right socks is like not wearing supportive trainers. They make such a difference and I think I am going to really like these. Also if you wear quite low trainers like Van's and Converse sort of style trainers these are like little sock/inserts. These are £1.50 for two pairs.

Have you tried Primark's Workout clothes range? What do you think of it Comment below!

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  1. Yeah this brand is quite nice and the best thing is that their workout gear comes at an affordable price. I also have a pink tank top and beautiful black mesh tights from this brand. The stuff is not harsh so it vest comfortable for all kinds of workouts. Love these!