Thursday, 20 March 2014

My School Essentials

Hello everyone,

I wish I had read/watched lots of videos on what to take to school other then the basic pen and pencil etc. But this is what I reccomend to take to school they are god sends at times.

My school essentials!

I am going to get the non beauty item over and done with and that is colored pens, I love the Stabilo fine liner pens. These are amazing I prefer using these other than felt tips or highlighters because they look much neater and they don't smudge. Also I hate when the ink transfers to the other page, but these don't do that. 

Moving onto beauty a comb is amazing, I tend to get quite a few knots in my hair, but this is amazing for untangling plus I always use this for back combing and adding volume especially towards the end of the day and after sport.

I have always carried a body spray with me but I never feel they last the longest time, but this Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist is amazing because it lasts longer than a normal spray but isn't too storng like perfume can be, it's the best of both worlds. Also in my opinion these smell nicer and they have a lot of scents to choose from.

For me I can't go anywhere without a lip balm, but at school I carry with me a Lush lip scrub in popcorn, a Palmers Lip balm and a tinted lip balm I have been loving the Maybelline Baby lips in Cherry Me. I have to carry a lip scurb with me because I hate flaky lips and you might not need it everyday but it's a life savor when you do have it. Also I have to have a lip balm because it's amazing to apply after a lip scurb I have around 5 in my blazer pocket. But having a tinted lip balm is great because it moisturizers and adds a hint of colour.

A Lush Charity Pot it amazing, I have the sample for £1 and this is great because it's a multi purpose product, you can use this on your hands and body. I don't need a body moisturizer everyday but when I do this come in handy all the time. Also I always carry a hand sanatizer and hand cream, I love the Body Shop Mango hand cleanse Gel in Mango and the Cranberry Joy hand cream (from Christmas range). These are great because I always need hand sanatizer because you touch so much germs and it's refreshing, I always get dry hands by touching books and everything else and this is great to have.


Hair bands and Hair clips
Dry Shampoo (a mini batiste)
Roll on deodorant
Makeup (Powder, Concealer, Lip stick/Gloss, Blotting sheets)

I hope this helped! What are your school essentials? Comment below

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