Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wist List// Summer

Hello everyone,

I have been in such a good mood for Summer! And I have been loving shopping/browsing for summer clothes, this is a perfect time to come at you with a Summer Wish List


This picture screams summer! I am in love with the high wasted bikini, I mentioned in my last wish list how obsessed I am with high wasted bikini bottoms, but this is taking it to the max. This bikini is summer!

(Last wish list click here)

I have been obsessed with Jeffery Campbell and these night walk's (Picture 1) are amazing. I love how different they are and when you out everyone is going to think how can she wear them, but they are so easy to walk in.

I have always had my eye on a nice and decent clutch and this one is perfection it's around £40 which I think is amazing for a clutch, that is good quality.

These shorts have been so on trend lately and will be for Summer, I love how they are bringing back the 'Skort' but 100% more fashionable and bang on trend.

Last of all, when I think Summer I think pastels and these shoes and bangle are perfect! They look amazing and I think could jazz up any outfit.

(Click numbers below pictures for direct links)

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