Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Workout Wednesday// Makeup while working out?

Hello everyone,

I was thinking about what blog post to do this week and makeup popped into my head. I know wearing makeup while working out is a personal preference. Also people wear makeup to the gym for different reason some people may not be confident in there bare face. Personally I do sport at school and I do have makeup on but if I am going to wear it this is what i'd wear... (Also it's all drugstore)

When working out a tip is to keep it very simple and not too much. Don't go over the top. 

Instead of going bare faced with no base, I prefer to not wear foundation/BB cream or tinted moisturizer I go straight for concealer I use the Bourjois healthy mix concealer on redness and blemishes, but I also do like to lighten my under eye area and for this I use the Maybelline Dream Lumi touch highlighting concealer, this is very brightening and covers well. Then I have to use powder because I have oily skin and you may sweat a bit so you want to stay as matte as you can, I use a translucent powder my preference is the Rimmel Match Perfection loose powder. The for eyes I love have wide awake and bright eyes, I love the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk for this under the brow bone, inner corners and sometimes the waterline. I hate looking dead after working out but this keeps you looking wide awake. The mascara is going to be optional but I don't have problems with my mascara not staying on but I like the Soap and Glory Thick & Fast, because it lengthens and adds volume. Again lips is going to be optional but I like to keep my lips moisturized with a hint of colour, for this I use the Revlon colorstay ultimate suede lip stick in 020 Front Row, this is quite sheer but moisturizes with a hint of colour. 

Do you wear make up while working out? If so what do you wear? Comment below

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