Monday, 17 March 2014

Let's Talk// What's going on

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to talk to be honest, I hate coming up with excuses but I do have to say I am very sorry my posts haven't been very frequent and the probably won't be this week. But this is because I have three Spanish exams coming up this week and Monday. If you are curious they are Listening, Reading and Speaking. And I just wanted to clear that up but I just wanted to talk.

If you didn't know I am doing my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. And if you don't know what this is check there website out (click here). And you have to do three sections Physical, Skill and Volunteering. And I wanted to mention for my skill section my best friend and I are going Photography at our school. And I would like to know if you would want to see my 'portfolio' I have it on a Monday one a fortnight.

Also something very excited happy today you might not think so but I kind of freaked out... Jess from JDRMakeup (blog click here) followed me on instagram. If you haven't subscribed to Jess or following her blog you should. She is such an amazing youtuber and I love that she is quite young and her videos on GCSE revision tips are great. But I kind of freaked out when I saw it later on today.

Also we are having out bathroom done. This is great because my mum said that I could be in charge of the decoration. I have chosen a beach theme and we have some things coming tomorrow from next. And I would love to know if you want a haul/bathroom decor tour. I am so excited out bathroom isn't massive it's quite small but I love it and it's going to look so cute and amazing.

I hope this wasn't too boring and please let me know with you feedback. Also any blog post requests leave them below.

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